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Hire or Outsource?

It’s not merely a philosophical debate. Given the economics of healthcare today, it one of the most significant decisions you may make this year.  The effort and cost required to recruit, then retain top radiologists is difficult to justify in many locations. This is even more challenging in facilities where case volume does not create the likelihood of a practical outcome.

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Make Us Partners In Your Success

That’s why we’ve pioneered a partnership “co-op” business model. This leading-edge approach encourages you to be competitive, growing your practice by accepting new contract opportunities that would exceed your current capacity.

We give you a voice in establishing operational commitments unique to your engagement, such as:

• Establishing quality standards
• Cost structures
• Strategic direction
• Revenue sharing

The partnership “co-op” model is another way in which Synergy Radiology empowers independent radiology practices. We want to be flexible partners that give you confidence to negotiate contract revenue opportunities that allow all to prosper and help secure your long-term independence.

Synergy Radiology’s client onboarding process helps you weigh the options. We’ll answer all your questions, and often share ideas you may never have considered.

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